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On the Issues

Stop the Brain Drain

  • Create a state economy where citizens can be successful, find quality occupations and are free to live their best life

  • Highlight in-state and local job opportunities for students and work with companies to train and employ Mississippians for Mississippi Businesses

  • Provide incentives and support to young entrepreneurs in Mississippi and empower everyone to pursue their passion


Voting Rights

  • Reinstate Ballot Initiative

  • Make voting safer and simpler by extending the election voting period, adopting more fair and secure election practices, and ensuring every citizen's constitutional right to vote is protected

  • Prioritize citizens’ voice in the capitol and increase elected officials’ community outreach efforts and considerations 


A Modern Mississippi

  • Increase government transparency, efficiency, and productivity through modern, technological systems. Technology decreases government costs and increases efficiency

  • Prepare students for the modern workforce by emphasizing computer learning, programing, and keeping up with latest technological advancements

  • Develop ‘Silicon River’ technology districts with investments and incentives to bring more entrepreneurs, high-tech companies, and production facilities to the state

A Sustainable State

  • Ensure that governmental programs are developed to be a continuous asset and maximize their budget and potential

  • Focus on energy and infrastructure innovation to replace unsustainable, wasteful utility facilities; provide support to localities and businesses help them update to energy-efficient, modern systems

  • Expand recycling programs and promote better utilizing natural resources

Vote for a Better Mississippi 11/7/23

We Mississippians deserve better. This year we will go to the polls and vote for better. Go vote November 7 for the candidates who put Mississippi first; Presley, Grover, Pinkins, Martin, the Bradfords and Mrs. Addie Greene

We win together y'all! Go Vote for D. Ryan Grover 11/7/23

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Looking forward to winning together!

Go Vote for Grover 11/7/23!

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